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Hello, my name is Ramon Tafoya and I am a Graphic Designer.

Artist Statement

DoG Cover

I got into this line of work because I wanted a change from the non-creative career I had for thirteen years as a medical laboratory technician.  Switching gears completely I decided to undertake a degree in Graphic Design or in ITT’s case Visual Communication.  I feel alive and happy when my work is going well.  My favorite thing about my work is the ability to use the tools and software necessary to complete them in a professional way.  I feel like a jack of all trades because of my education.  Because of this I have yet to find a distinct pattern in my work.

I want people to be entertained and have fun by my work.  The Demons of Grim DVD cover I designed is one example of my inspiration of entertaining people.  When designing this piece, I followed the traditional design process taught to me.  I am proud of this piece because I took something I ultimately wanted to make a reality into a design that came out well.  Another piece I am fond of is the Aegis Tri-fold Brochure.  I am happy with the way it turned out

Aegis brochure
because it was my first experience with making a multiple fold brochure design and I believe it proves my ability to combine tools together such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop into a functional final product.  I enjoy working in many mediums and my education gave me the opportunities to do just that.  These opportunities include but are not limited to working with print design, 3-D design, and video production. I believe this may be what sets me apart from other designers, being the ability to work with many mediums and not set into just a few programs.